Festivals on Rakhi Day

In Hindu religion the girls eagerly wait for rakhi festival because it is not just to tie a sacred thread or holy thread to her brother's right hand wrist but she trust and hope that these hands will protect her from harms and troubles in her whole life. All brothers also wait for rakhi festival to offer rakhi surprise return gifts and to see a cute smile on her sister's face.
India is a land of festivals and people of incredible India emotionally connected with each other to celebrate their festivals. The Indian culture and festivals connects each family member because all family members celebrate festivals in group. All sisters start shopping for rakhi before fortnight like Buy Rakhi, Rakhi Gifts, Rakhi Gift Hampers and chocolates etc. The current life-style and hectic schedule of all the people does not have enough time to go market for buy rakhi from traditional market. Send Rakhi Online offers online rakhi shopping through which you can place rakhi orders from home.

Other festivals on Raksha Bandhan Day

  1. Balarama Jayanti Rakhi day also celebrated the birthday of Balarama, elder brother of Lord Krishna. This day is celebrated with the name of Balarama Jayanti.
  2. Rakhi Purnima Rakhi also celebrated as Rakhi Purnima in north India. The word "Purnima" means full moon night.
  3. Gamha Purnima In odisha rakhi is celebrated as Gamha Purnima and on this celebration cows and bullocks are decorated and worshipped.
  4. Jandhyam Purnima Jandhyam is a Sanskrit language word which means sacred thread or holy thread. People of Kumaon celebrate Raksha Bandhan and Janopunyu to change their Janeu (sacred thread).
    Jhulan Purnima, Poonal, Jandhya Poornima also celebrated on rakhi celebration day.
  5. Avani Avittam or Upakarma CelebrationUpakarma festival also known as Avani Avittam celebrated once in a year during the Shravana or Dhanistha nakshtra of Hindu calendar month Sravana. The Brahmins changes their upanayana thread on Sravana Purnima (full moon of Sravana). Hindu religion believes that upanayana thread for penance for their all the wrong done in the last year, so they change the upanayana thread which is also called Yajnopavit or Janeyu. is celebrated with great interest and enthusiasm especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala also celebrated in some parts of Orissa and Maharashtra. According to Hindu calendar the Avani Avittam celebrated in the month of Sravana on Shravan Purnima. On the same day the Raksha Bandhan celebrated across the world by Hindu religions.
  6. Significance of Avani Avittam or Upakarma The Brahmins starts learning of Vedas from Shravana Purnima for next six months. Generally the six month is too short to learn Vedas, so they learn the whole year. All Hindus believes that the Shravana Purnima day is a holy day. The in North India, the people celebrates rakhi or Raksha Bandhan on this holy day of Shravana Purnima.