Types of Rakhis- Various Varieties of Rakhis

Rakhi is not a thread but it is a unique and unmatched bond those expresses love, care, respect and tightness of relation between brother and sister relation. All festivals have their own significance but Rakhi festival is specially made for siblings, on this festival sister ties Rakhi or Raksha sutra on the wrist of brother and brother gives blessing with adorable gifts to sister. This is custom of Rakhi festival in which sister and brother sustain their togetherness and affection by the Rakhi Thread.

Significance of Rakhi and Rakhi Thread- Rakhi Thread keeps special meaning and significance itself. This thread gives promise for protection, care, blessing and love for whole life. Rakhi thread is symbol of strong bond between siblings that of fill by emotions and affections. For this Sibling festival we provide amazing collection of Rakhis for brother, kids, bhaiya-bhabhi, relatives and family members. You can visit our online Rakhi website- www.sendrakhizonline.com for choose best rakhi for bhaiya- bhabhi and kids.

Rakhi for Brother or Bhaiya

This year celebrate Raksha Bandhan festival to purchase marvelous and unique Rakhis for brother by our Online Rakhi shop. We know that every sister wants special Rakhi for brother on the Rakhi festival to keep these things into our mind we offer amazing rakhis for brother with vast varieties of rakhis for brother as Zardosi Rakhi, Diamond Rakhi, Thread Rakhi, Kundan-Meena Rakhi, Pearls Rakhi, Beads Rakhi and many more collection of Rakhis for Brother. Hurry up guys to pick best Rakhi for brother in this year to make him feel happy and special. You can do order of fancy rakhis for brother for deliver anywhere in the world.

  1. Mauli Rakhi Thread

    Mauli is also known as Kalava and Charadu, it is sacred thread that is made by red, green and yellow threads. Yellow and Red is auspicious color in Hindu religion. So, Mauli rakhi is used in all auspicious and holy occasion in Hindu Religion. We confer beautiful Mauli Rakhi with amazing designs that is made by beads, diamonds, multi color thread, gold/silver coins and zari. Choose best one Mauli Rakhi as your choice for brother and enjoy rakhi festival.

  2. Jewel Rakhi

    The specialty of jewel rakhis are it very attractive and eye-catching rakhis. These made by colorful beads, diamonds and creative designs. If you visit Jewel Rakhi section then you cannot stay without purchase of jewel rakhis. The collection of jewel Rakhis are so mesmerizing and fabulous. Purchase and send jewel rakhi to brother on this auspicious Rakhi festival. Jewel Rakhi are made by precious stone or Single Crystal or beautiful transparent Stone that are in flat or amazing designs with colorful polish. Jewel Rakhi are Precious and designer rakhi with valuable creativity and craft.

  3. Silver Rakhi

    Silver Rakhi are so precious and valuable Rakhi for brother that is made by rich silver material with designer and multi-shape diamonds, beads and stones. On this Raksha bandhan we confer very graceful and gorgeous collection of silver Rakhi so that you can easily choose the best one among all silver rakhis for brother. Huge and impressive collections of silver rakhis are available in our online rakhi portal as silver chain rakhi, silver coin rakhi, silver bracelet rakhi and many more.

  4. Designer Rakhi

    This is creative and craft category of brother rakhis in which adorable designs are available of rakhi for brother. We have huge range of exclusive designer Rakhis with amazing designer rakhi, rich look designer rakhi, royal designer rakhi and tradition look designer rakhis. Buy and send designer rakhi for brother on this rakhi occasion.

  5. Beads Rakhi

    Beads rakhis are fashionable and stylish rakhis for this reason it so different among all types of rakhis. Beads rakhis are simple sober and pain rakhis those made by plain thread and small and colorful beads. If your brother wants plain and simple rakhis so you can easily buy Beads rakhis for them from our Beads Rakhi Category online.

  6. Sandalwood Rakhi

    Sandalwood Rakhis are made by wood of sandal, it give beautiful fragrance. We want to spread sweet fragrance in sibling relation so we offer Sandalwood Rakhis on this Rakhi Festival. These Sandalwood Rakhis are available many designs and patterns as auspicious sandalwood rakhi, designer sandalwood rakhi, fancy sandalwood rakhi and lot of designs.

  7. Thread Rakhi

    In this section we confer Sacred Thread Rakhi that is useful in many auspicious function and occasion. Thread Rakhi made by many type of Thread like Cotton thread, Silk thread and etc. Thread Rakhis are designs with simple beats, crystals beads, pearls, Jewels and diamond. It looks pretty and simple; you can buy Thread Rakhi for Brother online.

  8. Fancy Rakhi

    Fancy Rakhis are fabulous Rakhis that are made by multi things like pearls, beats, colorful threads, jewels, diamonds, zari, Gold and silver Taar, plastic flower designs, left designs, auspicious design and many more in fancy rakhi. We have large collection of attractive Fancy rakhis those look rich and beautiful. On this year buy and send fancy rakhis for brother.

  9. Zardosi/Zardozi Rakhi

    Zardosi Rakhis is heavy design rakhis which are made by zari also known as Taar. For these rakhi gold taar or silver zari are used for made beautiful and unique designs like flower design, left design, heart-shape designs, swastika and more designs. Zardosi work look very rich, heavy and precious. We confer zardosi rakhi those made by fancy pearls, beads, diamond, Kundan and many more decorative items.

  10. Auspicious Rakhi

    Auspicious Rakhi is very different category that is include rakhi for brother but based on religion like for Hindu religion, Christian religion, Sikh and Punjabi Religion and etc. Auspicious Rakhis means these rakhis are keep specific meaning because holy symbols are added with auspicious rakhis. Types of Auspicious Rakhi are Om Rakhi, Ganesha Rakhi, Krishna Rakhi, Ek Omkar Rakhi, Khanda Rakhi, Guru Gobind Singh Rakhi, Swastika Rakhi, Shree Rakhis and many more auspicious rakhis.

  11. Bracelet Rakhi

    Bracelet Rakhi are elegant rakhis with fashionable and stylish. In this section cool rakhis are included those look like wrist band or belt. We offer various designs for Bracelet Rakhi those made by gold, silver, beads, diamonds, pearls, chain, belts and many more designer things. We have amazing type of bracelet rakhis like gold chain bracelet, silver chain bracelet, beads belt rakhi, beads band rakhi, stone bracelet rakhi and lot of bracelet rakhi.

  12. Pearls Rakhi

    Pearls rakhi are design by skillful and beautifully. Pearls are best and memorable rakhi for brother because it is beautifully design with colorful pearls and shapes of pearls are in different designs. We offer flower pearls rakhi, bracelet pearls rakhi, traditional pearls rakhi, simple pearls rakhi and many more designs in pearls rakhi.

  13. Rudraksha Rakhi

    Rudraksha is one type of Seed and people have this accreditation for Rudraksha it is holy and auspicious seed those give blessing of God and protect by negative energy. We offer on this Raksha bandhan Rudraksha Rakhi for brother with pretty designs and patterns. Buy this Rudraksha Rakhi for brother in amazing designs.

  14. Kundan Meena Rakhi

    Kundan and Meena both are different and these are one kind of beautiful metal and we offer rakhi those made by Kundan meena. These rakhis are attractive and gorgeous in looking wise. We have nice collection of Kundan rakhis with amazing thread combination and different designs and style craft of Kundan-Meena in Rakhis.

Pair Rakhi for Bhaiya-Bhabhi/ Pair Rakhi for Couples

Pair Rakhis have beautiful meaning and valuable emotion itself because pair Rakhi is for bhaiya and bhabhi. We know that Rakhi festival is for brother and sister but when bhabhi comes in the festival then they increase more value and importance of Rakhi festival. Sisters are so excited on Raksha bandhan for tie Rakhi to bhaiya and bhabhi. We keep this bond and love into our mind then we are announcing amazing pair Rakhi for bhaiya-bhabhi on this year Raksha bandhan by our online Rakhi shop portal. We have various varieties of pair Rakhi as Zardosi/Zardozi Pair Rakhi, Designer Pair Rakhi, pair Rakhi in contrast colors, pair Rakhi in color combination, Stylish Pair Rakhi, Fashionable Pair Rakhi, Heavy Work Pair Rakhi and many more designs in pair Rakhi. Enjoy this year to do shopping of Pair Rakhis for Bhaiya and Bhabhi and give adorable surprises to Bhaiya-Bhabhi.

Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi/ Rakhi for Ladies

Pick best Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi from our excellent lumba Rakhi collection for Bhabhi on this year Raksha bandhan. Bhabhi and Nanad relation are so pretty and adorable to maintain this lovely relation forever we offer beautiful Rakhis for bhabhi as designer lumba Rakhi, Long Latkan Rakhi, Pin Lumba Rakhi, Zardosi Lumba Rakhi, Diamond Lumba Rakhi, Bangle Rakhi for Bhabhi, Chuda Rakhi, Beads Lumba Rakhi and lots of varieties for Lumba Rakhi. Choose nice one Lumba for Bhabhi for make feel her happy and special on this year Raksha bandhan ceremony.

Rakhi for Kids

Kids are so excited and enthusiastic for celebrated Rakhi festival. So, we provide cute collection of Rakhis for kids, in which two categories of Rakhis are included- Rakhis for girls and Rakhis for Boys. As accordance of kid Rakhi category we offer Rakhi for girl like Barbie Rakhis, Angle Rakhis, Doll Rakhi, Doraemon Rakhi, toys Rakhi and many more Rakhis for girl kids and we confer Rakhis for Boys as Chota Bhim Rakhi, Doraemon Rakhi, Bat Man Rakhi, Angry Bird Rakhi, Bahubali Rakhi and lots of collection of Rakhi for boys.

Rakhi Sets or Combo of Rakhis

Rakhi set is different category for Rakhis because it is for family purpose we are offering different quantities in Rakhi set like Rakhi set of 2, Rakhi Set of 3 and Rakhi set of 5 with different combination of Rakhis like Rakhis for Kids, Rakhi for Brothers, Rakhi for Bhaiya-bhabhi and etc. we provide Customize facility also to our customer they can make their own Rakhi set as their need. If you want to buy Rakhis in bulk and group so Rakhi set is perfect section and you have favor also to make their own Rakhi set or Combo box of Rakhis. You can choose beautiful Rakhi set that are available in our Online Rakhi Site. Celebrate this year Rakhi with family to send Online Rakhi set to them.