Indian Regional Names of Raksha Bandhan

Indian culture refers according to the way of life of the Indian people. Indian festivals, religions, languages, music, dance, food, architecture and customs vary from different places within the country. Indian people celebrate various festivals with different names and Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with various methods and names according to different region of India.

Raksha Bandhan festival also known by the name Rakhi and the festival is celebrated on Sravana Purnima the full moon of Shravan month according to Hindu calendar.

The Raksha Bandhan celebration has various significance in different regional area in India, some of well known names are as follows:


Raksha Bandhan festival has most significance in all brother and sisters in India. Rakhi is the name which is most widely known of Raksha Bandhan in India. It's a celebration of tie a rakhi thread on the wrist of brother by sister and bond of protection.

Upakarma or Avani Avittam

Upakarma also known as Avani Avittam celebrated on Shravana Purnima in the full moon of Hindu calendar in the south India when Brahman changes their Janeyu or Yajnopavit. The people of south India believes that changing of Janeyu safe them from all the wrong works done in the previous year.

Rakhi Purnima

The another name of Raksha Bandhan is Rakhi Purnima, which is celebrated on the full moon or purnima or puranmasi of the Shravana month according to the Hindu calendar. People of the India believe that Shravana month is for God worship and pooja. On Rakhi Purnima all the sisters ties Rakhi (sacred thread) on his brother's wrist and pray for his long life and brother returns a gift and commit for protection for his sister from the life up and downs.

Kajari Purnima

The Kajari Purnima is another name of Raksha Bandhan and the kajari purnima is celebrated in Chhattisgarh, Madhay Pradesh (MP), Bihar and Jharkand region of India. The Kajari Purnima is most important day for farmers and women who blessed with a son. The celebration of Kajari Purnima starts after the nine day from Shravana Amavasya and this ninth day is known as Kajari Navami. Women who have son until Kajari Purnima perform pooja on this ninth day.

Narali Purnima or Nariyal (coconut) Purnima

The Narali Purnima festival celebrated by the people of western India and Gujarat, Goa and Maharastra. On Narali Purnima day people offering a coconut (narali in Marathi language) is made to the sea in respect of God Varuna (God of the Sea). The people perform pooja by offering coconut to Sea and they starts fishing after Narali Purnima festival celebration and believe by performing Narali Purnima pooja they will reap bountiful fish from Sea.


Some parts of Gujarat state, people celebrate Pavitropana on this Raksha Bandhan festival day. On this holy day by performing the grand pooja and worship of God Shiva, people of Gujarat believe this is the most important and holy day of the year.